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Watch it Grow . . . Make it Count

As followers of Christ, we are stewards of everything entrusted to our care, including our time, our talent, and our treasure.  Christ teaches us to be faithful and fruitful.  He is pleased when we take what He’s given us and make it count for kingdom purpose and for His glory.

For over sixty years, Grace Brethren Investment Foundation has provided consistent and respectable returns for our demand investment holders, thereby offering affordable mortgage financing for growing congregations, schools, and ministries in the Charis Fellowship, aka Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.

Our investors across the United States earn interest, compounded monthly from the day of investment to the day of redemption, and receive quarterly statements summarizing the activity in their demand investments.  Online access to investments is available on request.  Investors with questions can call a helpful customer service representative.

GBIF demand investments are offered only to persons or organizations affiliated with the Charis Fellowship.  Demand investments are offered only by means of the GBIF’s Prospectus (see below note and link to the left of this page).

If you would like to open a demand investment with Grace Brethren Investment Foundation, simply open and review the Prospectus and complete either an individual or organizational application form, whichever is applicable.  See the links to the side of this page for the application forms.  Submit the form via U.S. mail with your first investment.  The minimum investment to open and maintain an account is $25.00.

Call us if you have questions at 574.267.5161 or email us at info@gbif.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: Effective August 1, 2020, interest on demand investments will accrue daily at the rate of 1.75% annually, compounded monthly.

Comments from Pastors:

“I am so appreciative of all the GBIF investors across the country who made this loan possible for us.  With your financial help, we’ve been able to build and reach more people for the cause of Christ.  We are already filling up the new building by God’s grace.  You are a part in helping our vision become a reality and, wherever you are, you are making a huge difference in LaGrange County!”
Pastor Rustin Krapfl, Brighton Chapel Grace Brethren Church, Howe, IN

“We want to thank the investors of GBIF with a deep appreciation for partnering with us in this project and helping us expand the kingdom.  It was a privilege and a pleasure to be able to finance our Activity Center through our own Fellowship.” – Pastor Mark Lingenfelter, Leamersville, PA

This website shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of Demand Investments, in any state or other jurisdiction in which the Foundation has not authorized the making of any such offer, solicitation or sale (or in any manner or to any persons not consistent with any limitations on such authorization). The offering is made to eligible persons in authorized states or other jurisdictions solely by the Foundation's Prospectus, which more fully describes certain risks involved in a purchase of Demand Investments. The Demand Investments are unsecured obligations of the Foundation that are not insured or guaranteed by any government agency or other third party.