• Statement of Vision

Adopted by the Board of Directors, November 2015
for the years 2015 – 2020 

  • Be the lender of choice among our Grace Brethren churches and affiliated organizations, by offering a kingdom purpose, competitive and affordable rates, and creative terms.
  • Be an attractive, purpose-driven place where Grace Brethren People can invest, in light of our mission purpose of providing capital financing for member churches and affiliated organizations, our historical commitment to the growth of our Fellowship by providing funds for church planting in North America, and our conservative philosophy of investing in secured mortgages and safe financial markets. ministry organization where Grace Brethren people can invest securely and provide capital financing for member churches and affiliated organizations.
  • Be a contributor for Grace Brethren causes, primarily directed to church planting in North America, and secondarily directed to other worthy missions of other recognized Grace Brethren organizations.
  • Be an organization committed to integrity and the highest of ethical standards and practices, including the guardianship and management of funds entrusted to our care and the sustaining of supportive relationships with our staff, board, and organizational affiliates.
  • Be an organization that consistently follows the purposes, expectations, and guidelines prescribed by regulatory agencies to whom we are accountable as a church extension fund, as outlined by NASAA and the various securities administrators of those states where we are registered.
  • Be an organization that employs qualified and impassioned personnel in order to carry out our mission and purpose with greater efficiency and maximum impact.
  • Be an organization that is dedicated to the teachings of Christ as clearly demonstrated in our corporate culture and lifestyles, serving as an example of organizational and individual behavior for our Fellowship.
  • Be an organization committed to creating a learning environment for our staff and board, providing for opportunities to stay current on matters related to finance, leadership, technology, organizational structure and strategy, Christian growth and other areas supportive of our mission and purpose.
  • Be an organization respectful and understanding of our distinctive role in a greater cause, understanding that finances are but a means to an end, and that organizational wealth and prosperity should be clothed with humility, expressed in mutual appreciation, with a sense of caring and grace; shunning at all times arrogance, pride, and power. 
  • Be an organization that participates in the advancement of cooperative initiatives associated with the FGBC and our community of affiliated organizations.

This website shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of Demand Investments, in any state or other jurisdiction in which the Foundation has not authorized the making of any such offer, solicitation or sale (or in any manner or to any persons not consistent with any limitations on such authorization). The offering is made to eligible persons in authorized states or other jurisdictions solely by the Foundation's Prospectus, which more fully describes certain risks involved in a purchase of Demand Investments. The Demand Investments are unsecured obligations of the Foundation that are not insured or guaranteed by any government agency or other third party.